Our Schedule and Practice

More information about the Entsuan Zen practice schedule as well as Zendo news.

Our Practice

Normally, we met for two hours at 10:00 AM each Sunday morning for tea, zazen, and chanting. The third Sunday of the month, we would meet after zazen for social time and discussion. However, due to COVID-19, we’re currently meeting Sunday afternoons at 1:00 via Zoom for talk and discussion.   Please feel free to contact us through 206-842-2828 or by using the contact form below.

Practice Resources

In addition to the Zen teachings found on this site, here are a links few resources we’ve used in our practice:

MBZC Sutra Book: Used for chanting during our Sunday morning practice.

Xin Xin Ming: One of the earliest expressions of Chinese Zen, we studied this poem by Sengcan during our monthly meetings a few years ago.

Recent Zendo News

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